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Math - Derivative of a polynomial function

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A flaming arrow is shot into the air to mark the beginning of the a festival. Its height, h, in meters after t seconds can be modelled by the function h(t)=-4.9t^2+24.5t+2

How fast is the arrow traveling when it hits the ground? Explain how you arrived at your answer.

(prior to that i found the time it takes for the arrow to reach the ground level a 5.0803s)

  • Math - Derivative of a polynomial function -

    The way to solve this is explained in your subject title. Compute the derivative of the function, which is the speed, and calculate its value at t = 5.0803 s.

    The derivative is
    V(t) = dh/dt = -9.8t + 24.5

    Plug in the value of t that you got (which was correct) and compute V

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