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Can you please tell me if everything is correct? Thank you very much for your invaluable help.

1) Mickey can’t go to the cinema because he hasn’t got any money (he's broke?). He doesn’t want to borrow any money from Jess because he can’t pay her back.
2) His father can’t give him any money, too because he lost his job yesterday.
3)He’s going to leave drama school though he loves acting. London is very expensive and he can’t afford to pay the rent to Mrs Adams. He’s going to go home to Manchester.
4) Storm thinks that he is a great actor and that he will be very unhappy if he gives up acting now. She believes he should audition for a part in the soap opera The best Days.
5) Mickey works as a dishwasher. He walks to work and therefore he is always tired.
6) The Audition starts at 10 a.m. on Saturday 2nd May. It is at Bankside Studios. Mickey must bring a letter of permission from his school, two photos, and music to sing as they will ask him to sing and read a part.
7) He should wear casual clothes. If he gets there by tube, the nearest stations are Waterloo, Southwark or London Bridge.
8) Alec really loves acting but he hasn’t been on a film shoot yet. His parents are happy about him working for TV./ with his decision of working for TV (?). He is a bit nervous because he has never done an audition before.

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    2. Instead of "too" I'd use "either"

    4. Who is "She?"

    8. about his working (not him) because "working" here is a gerund, functioning as a noun so it requires a possessive adjective.


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