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There are 50 members.
Melvin wants to collect some infromation from seven of them.
Explain how he can do this using the following set of random numbers:
86, 13, 84, 10, 07, 30, 39, 65, 97,
96, 88, 12, 39, 26, 04, 89

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    any help?

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    If each member is alphabetically assigned a number from 1-50, use the first seven applicable numbers to pick the subjects. Roll a die to pick the starting point in the series.

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    Could you rephrase that please, I'm not getting the logic.

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    Since there are only 50 possible subjects, numbers > 50 do not make sense. (Or possibly you could subtract 50, if that number is chosen.)

    The alphabetical order is merely to assign numbers to the members.

    The role of the die to pick the starting number makes the designation more random.

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