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Haha, k, so this is what I got for my "wisdom" poem..I know it's lame, but it's the best I can do. Think it'll do?

Treat others the way you would want to be treated
And make sure to be pleasant and kind
Follow the golden rule and you’ll not be defeated
Be sure to keep this in mind!

If you wouldn’t want someone being mean to you
Then be sure to treat them the same
Doesn’t matter if it’s one person, or even two
Hurting feelings isn’t a game!


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    You might add a third verse emphasizing the positive aspects of the Golden Rule.

    Your allusion to the "game" is good.

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    :D Thanks; I'll do that.


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    were you supposed to use imagery?

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    Yeah...I don't know how to include imagery in this though..


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    This site has a lot of ideas about poetic imagery.


    Perhaps the game metaphor isn't the best idea. because they're competitive, most games don't invoke the Golden Rule. You might consider using this rule to solve conflicts between family members or between ethnic groups. What would happen if Israel and Palestine followed this rule?

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    Got it; Thanks

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    You're welcome. :-)

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    I saw in the dark shadows
    of the road
    A lame dog, struggling the way home.
    I wish I could understand the person who beat dog, for what reason...
    Damage so easily done, but lasting long. Is this what Kings do to hold the throne?
    Or is it what despots do on the way to Hell?

    Only God can tell.

    Imagery, a powerful thing.

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