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Are all these examples of Imagery. Yes or No.. Thank You for your help. I think that they all are. But not to sure.

She smiled a little through her face was drawn with pain and she bit her lip the smile fading. We got there quite quickly even though it was still so dark and it was difficult for the rosens not knowing the path. Henrik was there waiting on the boat and he took them aboard and down below so quickly to the cabin that they were invisible in an instant.

The night was quiet too. A slight breeze moved in the tops of the trees and from across the meadow came the sounds of the seas movement which was a constant sound here and had always been. But no birds called or cried here now, in the night. The cow slept silently in the barn, the kitten upstairs in Kirsti's arms.

Its very dark Mama whispered as they stood in the yard with their blankets and bundles of food gatehred in their arms and we can't use any kind of light. I'll go first I know the way very well and you follow me. Try not to stumble over the tree roots in the path. Feel carefully wiht your feet. The path is uneven.

She loved Tivoli Gardens in the heart of Copenhagen; her parents had taken her there often when she was a little girl. She remembered the music and the brightly colored lights, the carousel and ice cream and especially the magnificant fireworks in the evenings. The huge colored splashes and bursts of lights in the evening sky.

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    yes, that is imagery.

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    All four of them???

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    Its personification
    It is not all for of them.

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