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I neede help with how to solve equations with variabls on both sides. Can you give me some examples and work them out step by step?? Please!! :D

  • Math; Pre- Algebra -

    If you post a couple of your problems, we'll be glad to help you solve them.

  • Math; Pre- Algebra -

    -5k - 19 = 5 - 13k Solve for k.

    -15n = 16 = 86 - 29n Solve for n.

  • Math; Pre- Algebra -

    Please help me !! :0

  • Math; Pre- Algebra -

    5k - 19 = 5 - 13k

    Get the knowns on one side and the unknowns on the other.

    5k + 13k = 5 + 19
    18k = 25
    k = 25/18
    k = 1 7/18

    Please check your second problem. It has two equal signs.

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