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Chaucer is a wonderful poet and story teller. His poems are very interesting and deep. Canterbury Tales is a set of stories told by pilgrims. Unconditional love and devotion to religious is a major issue of his poetry. However, the themes of the tales include love, chivalry, dishonesty, sermon but most of them with a religious message.

Chaucer's little society of pilgrims serves as an interesting cross section of the larger society of England. In his stories, he had magical touch that makes every thing in the story worth living. The character of his stories is ridiculous, argumentative, and irrational .The character seems to be real with all human emotions and weakness. Some of these pieces are so hilarious. The miller’s tale is good example humor story.
when the a man and miller's wife want to sleep together and to prove that the miller is asleep, they keep pulling hairs out of his arse before they do it. The miller awake says they can have sex but stop pulling his hairs. This is funny story about the foolish lovers. I was particularly intrigued by the Wife of Bath and her extreme feminist qualities. She forces her ideas of marriage and women’s rights on others, and believes they are right.

The Canterbury Tales is both a collection of unique characters and unique tales. It make me wounder how the writer exposed sexuality in fourteenth century. At the end, I realize pilgrimage never ends, How far we go in the computer world, storytelling tradition could not be abolished. Pilgrimage always going somewhere and that someone always has a story to tell to pass the time.

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