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Identify the Oxidizing agent and the reducing agent for Al(s)+3Ag^+(aq)--->Al^3+(aq)+3Ag(s)

Express your answers as chemical formulas serperated by a comma.

I tried putting in Al,3Ag^+
and 3Ag,Al^3+

I keep getting it wrong and only have one attempt left I need help please.

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    Ag^+ is the oxidizing agent.
    Al is the reducing agent.
    So I would write Ag^+,Al

    Remember, oxidation is the loss of electrons. Al goes from zero to +3 which is a loss of electrons; therefore, Al is oxidized which makes it the reducing agent.
    Reduction is the gain of electrons. Ag^+ goes from +1 (each) to zero which is a gain of electrons. This is reduction so it is the oxidizing agent. You don't need the coefficients to identify the formula.

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