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Romeo is tossing pebbles at Juliet's window and wants the pebbles to hit the window gently, with only a horizontal component to their velocity, as they hit the window.

He is standing at the edge of a rose garden 4.5m below her window and 5.0m from the base of the wall.

--------I know that final vertical velocity=0m/s
acceleration = -9.8
vertical displacement= 4.5m

1) What is the y component of the initial velocity of the pebble as it leaves romeo's hand?

2)How long does the pebble take from the time it leaves Romeo's hand to hit the window?
I tried setting up t=square root of 2(4.5m)/-9.8 but I don't think that is correct.

3)What is the velocity with which the pebble hits the window?

4)Find the magnitude of the velocity with which Romeo tosses the pebble up?

5)Find the angle at which Romeo launches the pebbles?

I have been trying to solve it for the last couple of hours and I don't get it, I would appreciate any help, thanks!!

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