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What is the solution of 3 times the absolute value of x + 5 <= 6
I think the answer is x <= - 3 and x >= -7
If I'm not right, could you tell me why?

  • Math-Algebra -

    3|x+5|<= 6
    |3x+15|<= 6
    -15 -15
    |3x| <= -9
    /3 /3
    x <= -3

    Yes, you are correct.

  • Math-Algebra-Please check -

    Thank you-I appreciate it- I posted another- could you just check it to make sure I got this concept.

  • Math-Algebra-Please check -

    3|x+5| ≤ 6
    |x+5| ≤ 2

    x+5 ≤ 2 AND -x-5 ≤ 2
    x ≤ -3 AND -x ≤ 7
    x ≤ -3 AND x ≥ -7
    -7 ≤ x ≤ -3

  • Math-Algebra-Please check -

    Thank you

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