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The weight of a product is normally distributed with a standard deviation of .8 ounces. What should the average weight be if the production manager wants no more than 5% of the products to weigh more than 5.3 ounces?

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    second applet.
    Set mean to zero, std deviation to .8 oz
    check below
    enter shaded area .05

    Notice the answer comes up 1.31 ounces. So the mean must be 5.3+1.31=6.61

    Put that in for the mean, and verify.

    You should be able to do with with your calculator also, grab your book and read. Finally, you may be learning to do this with tables...for that, hump, grunt, and strain through it.

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    Hi Bob,
    Thanks for the direction. I got so far with it on my own and became stuck. I did as you said but still have one question. Would the answer to the question be 1.31 ounces or 6.61 ounces? I feel the answer is 1.31. Thanks

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