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I have to think about the needs of fur traders, Aboriginal hunters, and farmers (for ex: land, water, and food). Then I have to tell how these and three other needs might come into conflict. So, the problem is that I cannot think of any other needs. is means of transportation a need? If it is then, what can the other two needs be? and how??
I tried researching and I thought about it but I din't find anything
PLZ help

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    Yes, transportation is a need -- at least for the fur traders and hunters. Other needs are shelter, appropriate clothing, and companionship.

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    ok, but the question is how might these needs come into conflict...does that meab conflict with each other?? like if there is no land then there is no food thet can cause conflict??

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    thet=they sry

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    Hunters on the move may have food but not adequate shelter. They also may travel some distance from water.

    Fur traders often lacked shelter, companionship and perhaps water.

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