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english 7th grade

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I am to find the subject complement and linking verb in this sentence.

At first we felt overwhelmed by the job ahead of us.

Could you please help me understand , the examples in my book are not helping.

Thank you

  • English 7th grade -

    The easiest way to approach analyzing sentences is to first put parentheses around the prepositional phrases. That eliminates them from being subjects, verbs or complements.

    (At first) we felt overwhelmed (by the job) (ahead of us).

    That leaves three words:
    We felt overwhelmed.

    One of these words is the subject. One is the verb, and the other is the subject complement.

    What do you think they are?

    I urge you to print this list of common prepositions and consult it when you're analyzing sentences.

  • english 7th grade -

    felt:action verb

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