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algebra2 (math)

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The Cost of installing new kitchen cabinets is $150 for delivery for all the cabinets and an additional $45 to install each cabinet.

a) Develop a model to give the total cost for a set of n cabinets.

b) What is the total cost for a set of 18 cabinets?

c) Find the number of cabinets if the total cost was $735.

AND (2nd Question)
Membership in a tennis club costs $600 per year plus a $15 fee for each hour of court time.

a) Find a model that gives the total cost of playing tennis for h hours at this club in a year.

AND (3rd Question)

CoolCar rental agency charges $30 per day plus $.25 per mile.
a)Find a formula to compute the total cost of renting a car for on day and driving it for m miles.

  • algebra2 (math) -

    Total cost of cabinets = 150 + 45n

    Tennis cost = 600 + 15h

    Can you use the same process for the miles?

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