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I need help in translating this text. Primo Galli per vias hominum vacuas discurrebant ad praedam petendam; inde autem rursus ipsa solitudine absterriti secum "In Forum" inquiunt "ac propiora Foro loca redeamus. Ne qua fraus hostilis nos vagos excipiat." Ibi eos, plebis aedificiis obseratis, patentibus atriis principum, maior prope cunctatio aperta quam clause invadendi tenebat; adeo haud aliter atque venerantes cernebant in aedium atriis sedentes viros, praeter ornatum habitumque humano augustiorem, maiestate etiam quam vultus gravitasque oris prae se ferebant simillimos dis.

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    Yes, this is a HELP site but nobody will DO the work for you. Besides, it would certainly help to state from which work and which author this is taken.

    Do what you can do and we certainly can provide Latin dictionaries.


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    P.S. Here are some links to try:


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    And remember Latin sentence structure. I'll take the first part of the first sentence apart for you.

    Primo = adverb
    Galli = nominative plural (subject)
    per vias hominum vacuas = prepositional phrase; per = preposition; vias = object of the preposition; what do you think about the other two words in this phrase?
    discurrebant = the verb; 3rd person plural, imperfect tense
    ad praedam petendam = prepositional phrase

    Take it one sentence at a time; don't let the whole thing overwhelm you.

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