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why do you think jackson favored and benefited from the democratic expansion /that took place in the 1820's and 1830's

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    This question asks what YOU think.

    We'll be glad to check YOUR answer.

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    Well, that doesn't help because you don't get to decide whether you think that or not; you are told that you must think that, then the question demands why. I don't think this is an actual opinion question, seeing as you don't get a personal opinion in the matter. It is more of a question to determine why you should reach the conclusion you are told you must reach. Thus, Ms. Sue, tell us what background information is needed to deduce said conclusion.

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    "I think Jackson favored and benefited from the democratic expansion that took place in the 1820s and 1830s because Jackson's support came from the popular vote and the democratic expansion allowed a shift that allowed electors to be selected by popular vote of each state. Thus, Jackson gained all of his power in the election from the people, who liked him and wanted him as president."

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