8th grade math

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What value will make the equation
6(x+5)=3(x-14) true?

  • 8th grade math -


    6x + 30 = 3x - 42
    3x = -42 + (-30)
    3x = -72
    x = -?

  • 8th grade math -

    I understand that part but I'm just not sure when the question asks me what VALUE will make the equation TRUE will it be x=-72? because I don't think that's what there asking me.

  • 8th grade math -

    I don't see what else the question is asking.

    The equation is true when you find that x = -24.

    Substitute -24 in the original equation to prove that it is the correct value of x.

  • 8th grade math -

    the lesser of two consecutive even intergers is 10 more than one-half greater. Find the intergers

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