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Can you please check if the following sentences are possible? Thank you.
1)Imagine you are a participant in (?) in the Ten Tors Challenge. Describe your clothes. Start your paragraph with: "I'm wearing.."
2) What clothes do you like wearing? What clothes are trendy among Italian teenagers nowadays?
3)I've been here for thirty minutes and the train hasn't arrived yet.
4) Where has Peter gone? There he is.
5) I've never been in a helicopter before.
6) We've sold more than 50 cars so far/up to now.
7) Have you been to the new supermarket? No, not yet. We haven't talked to each other since we quarrelled.
It's the second time I've driven your car.
8) She'll buy herself a car as soon as she has enough money. How many times have you been to Paris?
9) Is it a long time since you last went to Paris?
10) Corrector fluid or correcting fluid?

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    1. Have only one "in" -- the rest is fine.

    3. Add comma after "minutes" and change "and" to "but."

    6. (either one works)

    10. I'd say "correction fluid" if you're referring to the white stuff you paint over typing errors.

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    how to do this

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