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If I take a glob of mud and throw it against a wall with the speed of V and stops in time T and than I take a ball and throw it and it hits the wall with speed V and leaves the wall a time T later at a speed of 0.5V and they both have same value and mass, which one involves a greater total force on the object.

I think it is the ball but to be honest I don't understand why-I'm thinking because it is pushed off the wall once it hits it? Newton's laws?
Could you give me some direction, please?

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    if mv was the mud ball momentum
    then mv+1/2 mv was the CHANGE of momentum for the ball.

    Remember Vf for the ball= -V/2, its intial velocity was V

    changemomentum=m (Vf-Vi)=m(3/2 V)

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    Thank you

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