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How many liters of carbon dioxide at 20 oC and 750 torr are produced when one gallon of toluene is burned? Convert liters to milliliters and then to grams. can you convert mil to grams?

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    C7H8 + 9O2 ==> 7CO2 + 4H2O

    1 gallon toluene = about 3,785 mL
    density = about 0.867 g/mL
    mass toluene = 3785 mL x 0.867 g/mL = 3282 grams.
    moles toluene = grams/molar mass = 3282/92 = about 36 moles.
    From the equation above, 1 mole C7H8 will produce 7 moles CO2; therefore, 36 moles toluene will produce 7 x 36 = about 250 moles CO2.
    Then use PV = nRT, plug in P,n,R, and T and solve for liters (V). Redo my math above. I rounded here and there.

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