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• Write five sentences about the role of education in successful financial planning, in which you correctly use a different verb tense in each sentence.
This is what I have can you please let me know if I have done this correctly.

1. Financial planning will help me save money for my college education. (Future tense)
2. I spent all of my finances that were saved for schooling. (Past tense)
3. I believe education is a very important role in successful financial planning. (present tense)
4. I did not know how much school would cost because I had lost my paper. (perfect tense)
5. I am reviewing my finances, to see if I have enough for school. (present Progressive tense)

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    They're all right, except that 4 should be past perfect tense.

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    1. I been putting money in my saving account for schooling. past tense
    2.I will make sure my schooling is paid off before i graducate. future progressive
    3.I keep up with my budget so i know can pay for my schooling. Present tense
    4.I think financial planning is a very important thing in education. present progessive
    5.I paid my schooling off before the end of the year.Future tense

    I was just seeing of i did it correct please let me know. Thank you

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    Is will and spent verbs

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