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Ali did his homework at school with a graphing calculator. He determined that the equation of the line of best fit for some data was y=2.63x-1.29. Once he got home, he realized he had mixed up the independent and dependent variables. Write the correct equation for the relation in the form y=mx+b.

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    x = 2.63y - 1.29

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    How did u get the answer?

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    IN the 1st Eq, y was the dependent variable; because its' value depended on the value assigned to x. So, if we graphed the 1st Eq, we would select values for x and the value we calculate
    for y would DEPEND on the value of x.

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    (x-.1.29) divided by 2.63= Y
    Question asks for linear equation form,
    (divide by everything in bracket)1 over 2.63 is 0.38, 1.29 over 2.63 is 0.49
    Ans: y=0.38x+0.49

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