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"Sir Gawain and Green Knight" is an interesting poem. This poem has real mythic and symbolic power. It is an Arthurian story about the noble knight Gawain and the mysterious green knight. The unknown author of this poem introduce us Gawain as Arthurian hero who is a very perfect, loyal, and honest knight who accepts challenge from the green knight. He fulfills his promise and come at the Green knight within a twelvemonth and a day.

The main issue of this poem is the testing of Gawain 's excellences and virtues. From the very beginning of his journey, he has been put to a number of tests of the character, some known and some unknown. He did his best in his tests without knowing that he is being judged. I think these tests shows great detail about his character and the struggles which he is facing internally and externally.

I think, an unknown test is perhaps the best way determine the individual level of excellences. Because such type of unknown examination evaluate the abilities of
the man and it shows how much he has dare and courage.

At the end, Gawain experiences thinking about his impending death at the hands of the Green Knight, and we understand why he accepts the girdle. He remains true until his fear of death overcomes him. All that what happen with him, he is Gawain is still a loyal, noble, honest who carries Spiritual, intellectual, and social virtues
and his virtues make me to more like him.

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