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Complete the chart to show the number 217 . 1 hund. blank tens and one ones?

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    It looks like 2 hundreds, one ten, and seven ones....to me.

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    i meant that i have to model 217 and they gave me 100 and 1 ones. so i have 116 left. but i can't figure out because i can't use my hundred or ones place. i can only use my tens.

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    217 well that could be put as

    0 hundreds
    21 tens
    7 ones if you can't use ones but they let you round then make it
    22 tens

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    but i have to use 100 and 1 one because that is what they gave me.

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    It can't be done because of the left over ones (6 of them).

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    It can't be done because of the left over ones (6 of them).

    this is correct unless they let you round which if you do 217 rounded to the nearest hunred would be 200

    oh hey can someone also help me with my mathi it is under y name on the home page please help

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    ok i know math and i am smart so i will help you

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    I am trying to figure out the same problem! What in the world...?

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