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please read my paper for me .Please.please.

Sir Gawain and Green Knight is an interesting poem. It has real mythic and symbolic power. It's an Arthurian story about the noble knight Gawain and the mysterious green knight. In this poem, Sir Gawain is full of inconsistencies and contradictions, but we are still informed by unknown author who introduce us Sir Gawain that he is a very perfect, loyal, and honest knight who accepts challenge from the mysterious green knight. The main issue in the poem is the testing of Gawain's excellences. He has no idea that he is on the trail. However; Gawain fulfills his promise to appear at the Green knight within a twelvemonth and a day. As his journey begin, he has been put to a number of tests of the character, some known and some unknown. Soon after his test, he realized that he was being tested but the tests of the hunt and the beheading game were of the same ilk, created to test the honor. These tests tell us a great detail about Gawain's character and the struggles he faces internally and externally.

An unknown test is perhaps the best test there is, since the individual cannot prepare for it. I think unknown test evaluate the abilities of the man and it shows how patios and courage he has. It is human nature proves that we behave differently when we were being watched or tested by others. But In this poem, Sir Gawain was unaware of his tests but he passes his exams without knowing that he is being judged.
His story is about the conflict about himself and reality. Gawain carries Spiritual, intellectual, and social virtues

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