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There are two wheels with diameter 30 inches and 20 inches. The first wheel covers a certain distance in 240 revolutions. In how many revoluions would the second wheel cover the same distance?

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    dwould it be proportional? The linear distances their circumferences are in a set proportion.


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    Thanks for your responce and help, I don't think so it's proportional. Since the answer is 360 revolutions.
    And putting them in proportions doesn't give the correct answer.

    A friend told me this solution;
    Find the circumference of both the wheels by formula 2 pi r:

    1st wheel: 94.2 inches.
    2nd wheel: 62.8 inches.

    Now multiply the circumference of the 1st wheel by revolutions:
    94.2*240 = 22608 inches.

    This would be the otal distance traveled by wheels.

    Now divide the distance by the circumference of second wheel,
    you'll get no. of revolutions:

    No. of revolutions: 22608/62.8
    No. of revolutions: 360 revolutions.

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