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Find each specified function value:
What am I doing wrong because the correct answer for (a) is 3 and (b) is

Here's the problem: P(x)=2x^3-5x^2+2x+3
(a) P(0) 2(0)^3-5(0)^2+2(0)^3
2-5+3 my answer I get O

(b) Here's the problem P(x)=2x^3-5x^2+2+3
P (-1/2 t)
2(-1/8)-5(1/4)-1+3 my answer 1/2

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    a. The 1st 3 terms are = to zero,because you multiplied each coefficient by zero. Where you have 2 - 5 +3 = 0, the 5 and the 2 should be zeroes.

    P(0) = 0 + 0 + 0 + 3 = 3.

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