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magnesium is a valuble metal used in alloys in batteries and in manufacture of chemicals it is obtaine mostly in sweater which is about 1.3g mg for every kilogram of sweater assume that the sweater has a density of 1.03g/ml calculate the volume of the sweater in liters to the exavt 8.0x10 to the power of 4 tons of mg give the answer to 3 sig figs

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    You need to do several things to help us help you.
    1. Are you trying to spell sea water? I didn't know Mg could be obtained from sweaters. I wear sweaters when I'm cold.

    2. 1.3gmg means what?

    3. define exavt.

    4. Start sentences with a capital letter and end them with periods or question marks; otherwise, we can't tell what is going on with all of the sentences running together.

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    mg is magnesium yes that's seawater sorry
    exavt is supposed to be exact

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    Please note that mg is milligram while Mg is magnesium.

    I think the word you want for exavt is extract; i.e., how much sea water must be used to extract 8 x 10^4 tons Mg from sea water.
    Convert 8.0 x 10^4 tons to pounds and from there to grams. There are 2000 lbs in a ton and 453.6 grams in a lb. This will give you grams Mg needed.
    Then use proportions to calculate grams sea water needed. Finally, convert g sea water to volume using mass = volume x density. Post your work if you get stuck.

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    ok so 8.0x10^4 = 80000 tons
    80000 = 176 369 809.75 pound
    =80 000 000 001 grams

    m = vxd = 80000x1.03g/mg

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    80,000 tons x 2,000 lb/ton = 1.6 x 10^8 lbs
    1.6 x 10^8 lbs x (453.6 g/lb) = 7.257 x 10^10 grams Mg.

    Now use a proportion to convert grams Mg you need to g sea water.

    Convert g sea water to volume using density.

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    72570000000g mg

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