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Can you check if these sentences are grammatically correct? Thank you

1) It's the ages since I last saw him.
I haven't seen him for ages.
2) When did you see him last?
3) How long ago is it since you last saw him?
4) She regretted that she hadn't passed the test.
She regrettin not passing it.
5) She congratulated me on passing my exam.
She apologized with the teacher for arriving late.
6) She wondered whether or not she could come. She insisted not having stolen the bike.
7)There is a window in the top left (?) if the picture. It is over the desk, on the right of the book-shelves.
There is a bike against the wall, behind a sofa.

  • English -

    1. delete "the" and insert "been"

    4. She is regretting...

    5. She apologized to the teacher...

    6. She insisted she had not stolen...

    7. bookshelves (one word, no hyphen)

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