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Can you please check the following sentences for me? Thank you in advance.

1)They made a hole in the bottom of the boat on the beach. When the other sailors arrived at the beach by boat, they decided to leave three men in the boat whereas the other seven went in search of the missing sailors.
2) After a couple of hours, they decided to go back to the ship because they couldn’t find them.
3) Robinson asked Friday to take one of the officers, hide in the wood and call for help. They had to run from place to another so that the seven sailors got lost.
4) Eight of the sailors took their guns and ran into the wood to look for their friends. They left only two men on the boat.
5) Robinson and the captain went out of the wood and surprised the two men on the boat.
6) The captain hit one of the sailors with his gun and knocked him down. The other sailor surrendered as he realized it was useless to fight against them.

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    3. wood (pile of wood) or woods (among the trees?)....from place to place OR from one place to another

    4. wood vs woods again

    5. wood vs woods again


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