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Critical Reading

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Can someone please help me with this question?

Write one analogy about "taking an online course" that would be a valid comparison and help someone understand your experience.

Write another analogy that would be an invalid comparison (the comparison would be a "stretch," meaning that the comparison is not at all close enough to be helpful to the other persons understanding).

Write the analogies using the sentence starter below:

Taking an online course is like....

Thanks so much for the help ;-)

  • Critical Reading -

    One analogy might be that taking an online course is like the old correspondence courses. Taking an online class is like walking alone into a nearly dark room and trying to find small objects.

    What do you think an invalid analogy might be?

  • Critical Reading -

    I know it would be something that's not comparable....such as possibly....

    Taking an online course is like taking a bath?

    I don't know....these are so confusing to me??????

    Help ;-)

  • Critical Reading -

    Taking a bath is as good as any invalid analogy. A bath gets you clean and relaxes you.

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