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Hi, Im doing my maths coursework andI need to type in a formula and press enter and then I need "FILL DOWN (CTRL D)". How do I do this?

I don't want to get the same number from what Ive alreay typed in on the previous cell, I just want that formula to function in the rest of the column.

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    I would type the formula into an empty cell, then copy it to all of the cells below.

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    After you've typed the formula into the cell, press Enter, and then put the cursor back into that cell.

    Then when you hold the cursor over that selected cell, the bottom right corner should appear as a plus sign. Click on that + and drag down as far as you want.

    You can also highlight all the cells you want that formula repeated in, as long as they're going straight down, and then press Ctrl + D.

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