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Here are some sentences on Conrad I'd like you to check grammatically. Thank you.

1) The “frame” is provided by an anonymous narrator, who on board the Nellie on the Thames introduces Marlow and formally closes the narrative.
2)The effect is one of a chain; Marlow tells his story which is then passed onto the reader by another narrator. The other minor characters also tell their own stories.
3) Other narrators include the manager, the agent and the Russian. Each narrator has his own perspective on events and characters, and some of them are deliberately deceptive in what they narrate.
4) Thus, the reader is left the task to interpret each version of the story, in an effort to arrive at the truth.
5) This process of selecting different accounts of the same events and life stories is the same process that Marlow goes through in the novel.
6) The conclusion he reaches is that the truth cannot be reached. Conrad’s narrative technique can be defined as impressionistic, since it aims at representing reality as it is experienced, rather than describing it objectively.
7) This leads the characters to look back repeatedly to past experiences, in order to reinterpret them in the light of the new information acquired on the people and events around them. 8) The term “impressionism” was first used by Ford Madox Ford, a novelist who collaborated with Conrad early in his career.

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