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Describe Purity Balls and explain their function within their own religious community. Also, discuss how this ritual fulfills the four functions of ritual (Four functions of ritual are: Orients participants to space & time; Connects participants to divine; Connects participants to larger community; Includes the body as an instrument for religion

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    Begin with some of the following links:


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    and how is this help?

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    If all a student does is post the entire assignment, not much will happen since no one here will do students' assignments for them. The most such students will get are some links to steer them in some direction or other.

    But if the student is specific about what s/he doesn't understand about the assignment or exactly what help is needed, someone might be able to assist.

    Take another look at the title of this website -- HOMEWORK HELP. It doesn't say, "We do your homework for you."

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    stop giving half-a** answer; I can google stuff to.

    If you to lazy or don't know the answer, just say so

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