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Can someone take a look at my french below, and let me know what corrections / changes I need to make please?

French - Specialites: Cafe, creme beignet, et pate de francais
English - Specialities: Coffee, Donuts (do I just add an s to beignet in french to make it plural?), and french pastries (again, how do I make it plural?)

French / english - Genre de Restaurant - I'm trying to say something like high end bakey, but not sure how to word it?

French - Heures d'ouverture: tous les jours de 10h a 23h
English - Hours of operation: From 10am to 11pm?

Any help is appreciated


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    A French word that requires an accent mark, MUST have that, or it will be marked wrong. If you don't know how to make accent marks with the computer, you must learn. I will need to know 2 things: a) do you have a PC or MAC (much easier with a MAC!) and b) do you have Windows or not.

    les spécialités (there are 3 "e" sounds in French = e, è, é)



    pâté BUT you want les pâtisseries françaises

    high-end bakery = une boulangerie de qualité supérieure

    working hours = les heures de travail

    operation usually for a business is le fonctionnement

    de 10h à 23h

    You would probably see: on s'ouvre = "we open..."

    Sra (aka Mme)

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    just missing some accents!

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