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In the equation ax - x = c what is x i did it so far but i need help this is what i got so far ax - x + x = 9 + x ax/a = c+x/a x= what that is what i need help on and also y=x-v/b please and thank you can you also explain thanks and may you have a wonderful day

  • Please explain the question clearly -

    1. please use punctuation marks.

    ax-x=c has nothing to do with
    =9+x ax/a
    = c+x/a x

    nor with


    You need to explain each step you did in a logical way, so that teachers can follow your thinking.

    If you have two unrelated questions, ask one first, perhaps the second can be solved in the same manner.

    Do not expect a 30-minute response. Allow some time, and if possible, start your homework early (like Friday evening).

    Questions that are incomplete or not well-explained naturally get less attention. Sorry!

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