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The concentration of sodium chloride in an aqueous solution that is 2.23 M and that has a density of
1.01 g/mL is __ % by mass.

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    concentration by mass..

    mass NaCl=2.23*formulamassNaCl (per liter

    mass solution=1liter*1010g/liter

    percent= massNaCl/masssolution

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    2.23 x 58.443 = 130.33

    mass is 1010g

    130.33/1140.33= 11.4
    but 12.9 is the right answer...

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    Look at Bob P's work. mass solution is 1010g, (you added 1010+130.33=1140.33 which isn't correct).
    130.33/1010 = 12.9%

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    sorry, im used to adding together once you convert to grams...

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