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Here are some more sentences on Defoe's Robinson Crusoe I'd like you to check. Thank you very much in advance.

1) As he hadn’t eaten anything since the day before, he decided to take off his clothes and swim to the ship to look for food. He tried to get onto the ship but it was too high for him. 2)Then he saw a small rope hanging over the side and pulled himself up using it (??):He walked around the ship and found some biscuits, a toolbox of tools and some guns.
3) He built a raft out of the wood left on the ship. He put some food, the guns and the toolbox on the ship and returned ashore by raft.
4) His journey back was very difficult because the boat was so heavy that it nearly sank .Now that he had the guns, he decided to do some explorations.
5) He went to the top of a hill and realized he was on an island in the middle of the sea with no land nearby. Worse still, there was no sign of human life on the island.

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    #1. comma before "but"
    2. Using a small rope he saw hanging over the side, he pulled himself on to the ship.
    3. He used the raft to take food, guns and a toolbox back to shore.

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