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I have this much so far
(1+x)/9 = 2/5 or x = 13/5 = 2.6 ft

I am unsure of how to work out the rest of the problem.

A wooden board is placed so that it leans against a loading dock to provide a ramp. The board is supported by a metal beam perpendicular to the ramp and placed on a 1 ft. tall support. The bottom of the support is 9 feet from the point where the ramp meets the ground. The slope of the ramp is 2/5 (this means that for every 2 feet it goes up, it goes 5 to the side). Find the length of the beam to the nearest hundredth of a foot. Note that the 1 ft. support is vertical, but the metal beam is not.

Find the distances and plot the points, so you can use the distance formula on the points on either side of the metal beam to find its length! Look for any possible way to find the information you need!


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