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)]}> Lawyer: My client, television commentator Jonas Cassell, was fired by the network that employed him for criticizing one of the network’s major sponsors. However, Cassell’s comments were said off the record at a private party, and only became public because they were caught on a camera phone and posted on the Internet. Since the comments were not made on the air, the firing clearly violates my client’s right to free speech.
Opposing lawyer: Of course Cassell has the right to criticize a sponsor of his network at a private party, but the network’s executives also have the right to fire a television commentator who was caught expressing views they consider harmful to the network.
The lawyers disagree over whether (Points : 1)
Cassell criticized a sponsor
the network was justified in firing Cassell
Cassell exercised his right to free speech when criticizing the sponsor
both individuals and companies are guaranteed the right to free speech

leaning toward: the network was justified in firing Cassell

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