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I have to write an 8 page essay about Picture Books in Children's Literature.
My thesis is: "Children can learn reading and writing from picture books, because it helps the child develop cognitive skills."
Can you give me your input on this thesis? And I need suggestions of topics to discuss in the paper regarding this thesis. I would really appreciate it!!

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    I don't think it's a thesis statement. I think it states facts that no one would disagree about.

    Read through these and then decide how you need to fix yours. Notice that all the fixed statements on this webpage have the writer's opinion (or position or stance) indicated. Yours is missing that element.

    So ask yourself -- What position do I take about this topic? What is my opinion about the topic? Why do I care?

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    That's a good preliminary thesis. It may also be your final thesis, depending upon what you find.

    Some supports that occur to me:

    Children learn from picture books:
    sequencing of events
    how words and pictures tie together
    love of books
    new ideas

    I suggest you use at least three different picture books as examples of these supports.

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