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I was wondering how someone could qualify for SRS services?

SRS is social rehabilitation services... like food stamps, drug or alcohol rehab, finding child care, disability services, finding mental health services...etc

I was going to call my local srs office but its too late now and its also the weekend so I am stuck.

I thought I would ask you guys and attempt to answer it myself.

I would say for clients accessing srs services they would have to qualify for them by being in the low income bracket. the low income population are adults, families and children who need assistance whether its for (then I state some services)
is that okay? i think im confusing myself more and more. hopefully i didn't confuse you.

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    I understand you, and you're right.

    A person would need to go to the SRS office and present evidence of his/her need for its services.

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    phew! thanks :)

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    You're welcome. :-)

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