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what should i do if i cant so any push ups?
ill look so weak
then people would pick on me
im so scared
what should i do?!?!!?!?!??!

  • Gym (Physical Education) -

    Practice pushups at home.

    If you still can't do them, talk with your gym teacher.

  • Gym (Physical Education) -

    Not only should you practice at home, but if you are have that much difficulty then you should being using a modified push-up until you can comfortably perform a push-up. Now by modified I refer to either using the steps on your stair just as you would perform a normal push-up. The higher on the stair the easier it will be and just decrease a step as the get easier. The other way you can do a modified push-up is by getting in a push-up position on the floor and drop your knees so that you knees are touching the floor and perfor a normal puch-up motion. Hopefully this helps you.

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