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How can I write a 500 word essay on what agriculture means to me by comparing the pros and cons of early 1900's agriculture, the industrial war, effects of chemical warfare on the agriculture industry, including people, animals, the earth, while basing some of my research on Silent spring by rachel carson

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    What does agriculture mean to you? We certainly cannot tell you that!

    What information have you found in researching Silent Spring?

    If you post the answers to these questions, we'll be glad to help you develop them into your short essay.

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    agriculture means a stable food supply.
    In silent spring i learned that the chemicals used in war were also used in agriculture, and the effects were not positive.. DDT was banned, as was agent orange..The effects on humans,livestock water the soil, and health were/ and are profound.. I want to express my thoughts on the positive changes in modern agriculture, while explaining the negative things that are still happening in less proportion, and I am working on a powerful thesis statement..Thanks, jarrad

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    That's a good start, Jarrad.

    You might expand what agriculture means to you. Consider fresh fruits and vegetables in season. Consider inexpensive meats.

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