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honors math 7th grade

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its a venn diagram three circles. Here is the question. A study was made of 200 students to determine what tv shows they watch. 22 students hated all star trek shows. 73 students watch only the next generation(TNG) 136 students watch TNG. 14 students watch only deep space 9 (DS9) and voyager(VOY) 31 students watch only TNG and VOY. 63 students watch DS9. 135 students do not watch VOY. how in the world do i do this can you please show the diagram so confused.

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    Are you supposed to fill in the diagram? It's just a matter of organizing and using every bit of information the problem gives you. Try to work backwards from this answer to learn how to do it.
    none-22, tng-73, ds9-17, voy-11, tng/voy-31, tng/ds9-23, ds9/voy-14, tng/ds9/voy-9

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    need a venn diagram with the texas constitution

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    i want to know too!!!

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