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Fox sees a piece of carrion being thrown from nest and rushes to it. Nest is 14.0 m high and carrion is thrown with a horizontal velocity of 1.5m/s. Fox is 7.0 m from the base of tree. What is magnitude of fox's average velocity if it grabs carrion in its mouth just as it touches ground?

Dr Bob said I should find time it takes something to fall 14 meters
During that time, how far horizontally does it goes, given horizontal velocity. Then deal with fox-how fast doe he have to go to cover 7 m in the falling time

answers were:
1.7 m/s
3.5 m/s
4.2 m/s
2.6 m/s

I think the answer is 2.6 m/s
Is that correct -if not please help

I have spent the greater part of the day trying to do this

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    Let me see your work.

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