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Using the following six digits, 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, and 9, fill in the blanks below to make the maximum product that you can. Use each digit only once. How does an understanding of place value help determine the best solution to this problem?
__ __ __ x __ __ __

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    In general, the digits inside of each number should be descending from left to right, since the left-most digits have a multiplier of 100.

    So 8 and 9 occupy the left-most digits, and 4 and 6 the second.

    Pair 4 with the greater digit, i.e. 9, and 6 with the smaller (8).

    Proceed this way for the right-most digits.

    Post what you've got if you wish.

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    941 x 862

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