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Check my answers? thanks ppl

1. which of the folowing is NOT considered an organism?

A an oak leaf
B a spider
C an elephant
D a bacteria cell

is it D. which domain of life do humans belong?

A. animals
B. eukarya
C. archae
D. none of the above


3. DNA is found in the nucleus of

A. all cells.
B. eukaryotic cells only
C. prokaryotic
D. unicellular organisms only.

is it A

4. which is a chemical product of photosynthesis that is used by consumers?
A. water
B. carbon dioxide
C. food
D. heat

is it B.

5. which of the following processes provides the raw material for the other 3 to occur?
A. natural selection
B. adaptation
C. genetic variation
D. evolution

is it C

6. some poisonous organisms are brightly colored, which warns others not to eat them. which theme does this best represent?

A. adaptation
B. regulation
C. the cellular basis of life
is it A

  • science -

    1) A - b/c that is like saying, is an arm an organism.
    2) B - we are come composed of cells with a 'true' nucleus
    3)B - Organisms under the kingdom Prokaryotes do not have a 'true' nucleus, that is to say that there is no nucleus
    4)C - Photosynthesis makes glucose which is sugar which we use for a lot of different things.
    5)A - Natural selection can deplete or increase genetic variation. Animals evolve through time by way of natural selection. Natural selection produces adaptations.

    I'm s Bio major so these should be the right answers. Good try but hopefully my explanations will clear some confusion. Don't hate bio!! lol

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