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When and why did the cultures od Egypt an Nubia begin to mix? The cultures of Egypt and Nubia begin to mix as people and goods passed between Egypt and Nubia. The two cultures mix because Egypt conquered most of Nubia and ruled it for 100 years and during that time, Nubians adopted many Egyptian ways. Is this a sufficient answer? HELP

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    You might give a date or a dynasty to answer the "when" part of the question. Other than that, it looks good.

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    it stinks jk its good

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    of course you just need to do your homework yourself without any help

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    The culture of Egypt and Nubia began to mix when people and goods passed between both Egypt and Nubia! :)

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    the culture of egypt and nubia began to mix when people and goods passed both egypt and nubia:)

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    Don't no

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