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I really need to have these sentences checked for tomorrow. Thank you very much in advance.
Comprehension test on the abridged edition of Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness”
Answer briefly the following questions
1.What was the first company trading post like?
2.Why did the company accountant stand out from the others?
3.Who first mentioned Kurtz to Marlow (for the first time)?
4.How did Marlow reach the central station?
5.What happened to Marlow when he was about fifty miles from the inner station?
6.Why was the helmsman forced to drop the wheel?
7.What was the first person they met after being attacked?
8.How was he dressed?
9.What did the Russian think of Kurtz?
10.What did Kurtz struggle against when dying? He struggled against the madness of his soul which recognized no limits and no faith in anything.
11.What did the Russian think of the skulls Kurtz used as ornaments to decorate his house?

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    All fine except 10.

    "... his soul, which...."

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    48. The Omega pharmaceutical firm has five salespersons, whom the firm wants to assign to five sales
    regions. Given their various previous contacts, the salespersons are able to cover the regions in different
    amounts of time. The amount of time (days) required by each salesperson to cover each city
    is shown in the following table:

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